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This One...or That One?

Okay, I admit it, I am a bit of a movie, video game, comic book hero, book, and anime nerd. I not only love watching or reading these, but I fall in love with the costume/clothing design. Till this day I can re-watch the extra content to the Lord of the Rings Blue-ray and find some piece of costume/prop/weapon design to obsess over again. There's just some amazingly talented people out there who create awesome and inspiring characters and I feel the need to recreate ALL of them. This year, no this week. TODAY, even. Yeah, not possible - I know. But if time and money were no object, I would never leave my sewing studio except to shop for fabric and notions and maybe to eat and get some Vitamin D from the sun.

As lovely as that sounds, it's not possible so the difficult process of Choosing begins. Do I want to tackle a Bloodborne Hunter costume for an upcoming convention or design a new Renaissance Faire costume based on a lovely Tudor gown I saw on Instagram? Should I work on a more armor-heavy character like Moira from Overwatch or a Scarlett O'Hara dress from Gone with the Wind? Hey, there's that totally non-costume related quilt design I saw on Pinterest I could try tackling to totally throw my ADD-driven sewing mind at. I hope you can see my dilemma. And I'm sure many of you can relate to my madness.

What's the solution? Unless you have a very specific and upcoming deadline or budget that easily makes the choice for you, you're just going to have to pick ONE and get started on it. Yep. That simple. Really. Use a finger, stylus, pen, or chopstick and point to the picture on Pinterest and do that one. Or make a list of projects, assign numbers to each one, and roll the die (D & D players will know this technique well). Once the choice is made, get your supplies and start. It's okay. The other projects will wait for you patiently. I promise. The important part is to start something; if you spend a week hemming and hawing over the BEST choice, you're not going to do anything and just go a bit mad in the process. This sounds oddly like a life lesson but please let's not get into that here... :-)

So I am going to take my own advice this week and pick my next project. I'm pretty sure it's going to be inspired by the Victorian Era and will definitely involve a corset. Stay tuned and I'll reveal it here... And by all means, share your projects here! I would love to see what you are working on!

Inspiration materials mainly guided by the lovely robin's egg blue fabric.

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