• Jessica Tampa

Better Late than Never - right?

Last summer I was working as a barista in a local grocery store chain. I enjoyed making lattes, iced coffees, serving yummy gelato - but I kept getting this feeling like something wasn't quite right. One morning at work I got a clear message in my head that said, "You are going to quit your job and start your own business". I thought the typical, "sure, okay" response and went back to doing my job. The next day I was in my sewing room working on some project. For some reason I stopped what I was doing and looked around the room. I started mentally rearranging tables and cabinets and ended with a clear vision: I have a sewing studio. With a couple of chairs and a some more storage, I could teach here.

Over the next couple of days I kept hearing the "quit your job" message in my head and finally, on the third or fourth day, I said "Okay! I get it." I told my husband about the sewing studio and put in my notice at work. After some much needed purging, organizing, and a couple of new chairs I had a lovely space ready for students. Now, have I ever started and run a business before? Nope. Did I really know what I was going to offer and how to do it? Well, a little. I had taught a few kids and adult sewing classes before, mostly for homeschool families and neighbors, but they had been successful and most importantly, fun! I felt a little more confident as the room came together and I looked over my previous sewing class stuff.

Then came the more intimidating part - how do I get myself out there? How does one market themselves? How will I get people to sign-up for classes and for that matter how do I share what I have to offer? Ah, enter the website. I am not the most savvy person when it comes to computers or building websites, or using social media beyond connecting with family and friends. I asked a few people and they recommended a few different website templates. I ended choosing this one, wix.com and got to work. Bless my husband and his patience; he helped me enough to get started but then insisted I keep going on my own. After all, he has a job and a life and was not interested in being my personal website developer. So with much complaining, procrastinating, whining, and swearing, I did it. I put together a website that I can use and change and update all by myself. Yay!

Since then I've waded into the world of Facebook marketing and running a business page. I've stumbled my way into Instagram and discovered a whole new way of connecting to amazing talented people who inspire me and like my stuff too! And I may have started a blog last year that only has 1 or 2 posts and has been sorely neglected. But here I am, starting anew, a little late but that's better than never going back to it, right?

My point, dear friends - it's never too late to start something new. I'll be turning 43 next month and I have started my own business. It's quite a bit scary and new but there's a whole bunch of people to connect with and learn from, who've gone through this process and made similar mistakes and are willing to share their knowledge with me so I can keep moving forward. And you know what? I am so glad I did it!

What new things have you done in the last year? I'd love to hear about it!

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