Sewing and Costume Workshops

 The Garb Lab offers a variety of workshops and classes for the new and experienced seamstress.  Workshops and classes cover basic sewing skills to courses in costume and design. Choose the workshop that best suits your skill level.  Check back here often to see what new and exciting workshops have been added to further your skills and challenge your creativity! 

 As the Garb Lab grows, I will add a gallery where students will be able to post their finished projects as well as works in progress.

 Going to start a new project but need some planning help? Or are you stuck in the middle of your current project and need a spot of help?  Schedule a one-on-one session during private lab time available during the week. 

Alteration services are also available.

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About Me

Jessi Tampa is a self-taught seamstress and costume designer.  She has been designing and creating costumes for the past thirteen years and teaching sewing classes for all ages for over five years. 

After being a stay-at-home mom, Jessi decided to go back to work and after two years of working at different companies decided to pursue her dream of opening a space where others can learn to sew and develop their sewing and costuming skills.

"Anyone can be taught the basics of sewing, but learning to let your imagination soar is the hardest lesson of all."


A Variety of Workshops to Increase Your Sewing Skills

Private Lab Time


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